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Tentacle Learning Platform
Changing the way people learn

Digital Dictionary has developed Tentacle Learning Platform, an innovative Learning Management System
highly customizable in terms of form and content. A new dimension of Digital Corporate Academy
designed to support companies in the processes of creating and maintaining a digital culture in the company.

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All training courses in one place, wherever and whenever you want

Aligned with the user experience of the most modern tech companies, Tentacle Learning Platform provides an engaging, immersive and on-demand learning experience. Built on a logic of continuous use of content, Tentacle Learning Platform is designed to reduce barriers to learning and ensures a constant level of attention and participation.

Visual storytelling and continuous feedback for engaging and immersive learning

Within the platform, collaborators will be able to enjoy vertical scrolling training content, structured according to the methodology of visual storytelling.
Textual and visual components, organized according to narrative dynamics, favor the learning process both in the dimension of understanding and in that of memorization.
Each moment of verification is integrated with the release of immediate feedback, a fundamental element in the training courses as it allows to strengthen the learning moment.

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The power of gamification to support learning

Tentacle Learning Platform is built on the logic of gamification that introduces game elements in non-game contexts such as business.
Gamification makes it possible to develop training courses that include moments of verification to support the educational moments.
Levels to overcome, scores to accumulate, rankings to climb, certificates and badges that provide the learning activity with greater involvement and interaction.

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Virtual Classroom: lectures without proximity

Tentacle Learning Platform is designed to ensure maximum participation and to allow lectures to be held in the absence of proximity.
Virtual hackathon and autonomous working groups, recorded learning sessions, simultaneous moderators and teachers, file and whiteboard sharing, are just some of the features available on the platform.

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Digital Maturity Score:
to measure the digital maturity of company personnel

Tentacle Learning Platform incorporates the Digital Maturity Score, a digital assessment to measures the level of knowledge about specific digital trends and the level of awareness of what is the most effective behavior in the face of the stimuli induced by digital transformation. The assessment can be used directly from the platform and allows you to receive both individual and group reports for benchmark analysis.

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Tentacle Learning Platform:
a new dimension of Digital Corporate Academy

Tentacle Learning Platform is a highly customizable learning management system, both in terms of form and content. Ask us for more information and discover the other features.

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